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Brewed Just for You

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or someone who enjoys a daily java jolt, Medleno Coffee Shop & Roastery in Danville is THE best place to get the Bay Area's highest quality coffee. Medleno means "taking time" and that's the way the coffee is made here.

Coffee beans begin to lose flavor within just a week of roasting, so coffee served at Medleno's is brewed and poured within just days of roasting. Medleno Coffee, served hot and on ice, is heaven in a cup...for enjoyment in our outdoor seating or on the go... and perfect for home and at the office!

For on the Go

Our Turkish coffee is slow brewed and thus extracts more flavor and strength from coffee. It is an ideal drink when driving. Whether driving for 30 minutes to work or for 6 hours to Los Angeles, our Iced Turkish coffee will keep you both cool and energized to the end of your trip.

Coffee by the pound is also available for purchase, so you can enjoy Medleno at home.

Coffee Specialties

We make true Turkish (also known as Greek, Arabic, and Armenian) coffee - brewed in an ibrik, as well as common favorites: Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha, and Drip (House) coffee.

Many customers have complimented us on our Caffe Mocha, which we make from our own expresso blend and a natural chocolate (Sharffen Berger, 99% cacao). It appeals to every true mocha connoisseur.

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By Special Delivery

Would you like Medleno Coffee for a meeting or other occasion? Just call and your freshest brew will be available for pick-up or may be delivered to you! Medleno-to-Go, a 96-oz carafe of medium roast or decaf, is $16.

Call or text (925)558-5563 to place your order.

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Wholesale Opportunities

Serve Medleno Coffee at your cafe, restaurant, or business to treat patrons and customers the freshest coffee they've ever tasted!

Call Igor at (925)558-5563 for more information.

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